Community Benefit Project

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We are committed to implementing a Community Benefit Project on the land around the new Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility that would serve as an enriching community amenity for neighbors. We want this Community Project to create a vibrant public space or a meaningful community feature that encourages connectedness and well-being in our project community.

In the Spring of 2021, we held an online community visioning workshop and survey to allow community members to actively engage in the ideation process for the Community Benefit Project. One of the primary sentiments that we heard from community members is their desire to have more access to outdoor recreational opportunities for those who live and go to school in the area. We also heard about the importance of preserving the natural feeling and landscape of this tranquil area. We used the feedback we received from community members and partnered with a leading architecture firm to develop a range of alternatives for the Community Benefit Project. Charlotte Water is continuing to review these alternatives to identify the best option for the Community Benefit Project and we plan to present the selected option to the public in the near future.

With your participation, we will strive to create a Community Project that will increase vibrancy, encourage connectedness, and promote well-being in our Stowe Regional project community. To stay informed about public involvement opportunities related to the Community Project, please sign up for our project updates.


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