Project Components

Construction began in February 2022 and the entire project is expected to be completed in 2026.

In general, construction will include activities such as: surveying, tree clearing and vegetation removal, environmental controls, earthwork (excavation, importing fill, grading, etc.), building stone roads and work sites, drilling and rock hammering, pouring concrete, building the facility components, large equipment deliveries, electrical work, testing and commissioning, and finally restoration.

Construction will be occurring in phases for each project component, so some of these activities may be occurring at the same time or iteratively depending on the location.

Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Stowe Facility will be a new wastewater treatment plant operated by Charlotte Water and located along the Catawba River in Mecklenburg County, near where the Catawba River and Long Creek meet. The Facility will provide wastewater treatment services for communities in northwestern Mecklenburg County and the Cities of Belmont and Mount Holly in eastern Gaston County.
Initially, this facility will have the capacity to process up to 15 million gallons of wastewater per day and long-term this Facility will be expanded to have the capacity to process up to 25 million gallons of wastewater per day.

Construction Schedule: 2022-2026

*Please note that schedules are approximate and subject to change.

Long Creek Pump Station
Mount Holly Pump Station and Force Mains
Belmont Pump Station and Force Mains
Stowe Access Roads
Regional Solids Transfer Project