Stowe’s First Staff Named

The first permanent positions have been filled at the Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility.  Doug Shoutd has been selected as the first supervisor and Tara Romine has been selected as the first chief operator of the new regional facility.

Doug Shoutd, Supervisor

Doug has been in the wastewater business for fifteen years starting his career with the City of Gastonia, earning his Grade IV wastewater license in 2012 all before beginning to work for the City of Mount Holly.  While working in Mount Holly, Doug wore many hats and fulfilled many roles for the town’s Utility Department. Doug served as the ORC of the Mount Holly Wastewater Treatment Plant, was the town’s ORC for its Class B Biosolids Land Application Program, managed the town’s Backflow Program, and was the town’s Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator.  In addition to his wastewater license, Doug holds certifications for a Lab Analyst 1, Collection System 1, and Pretreatment Grade 2. Welcome to Charlotte Water, Doug! 

Tara Romine, Chief Operator

Tara Romine has been a part of Charlotte Water for over 30 years.  Tara started as a Laborer at the Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant before moving into treatment plant operations.   As a treatment plant operator, Tara worked and earned her NC Grade IV Wastewater Certification and eventually became the first Chief Treatment Plant Operator at Sugar Creek. 

Since 2001, Tara has served as the Chief Treatment Plant Operator at the Mallard Creek WRF showcasing her great leadership talent and outstanding knowledge of treatment plant operations.  While at Mallard Creek, Tara participated in the development of the division’s ISO 14001 program leading the plant to being the first facility in Charlotte Water to be ISO certified.  Tara has been a stakeholder and partner in many treatment plant rehabilitation and upgrade projects and was instrumental in developing the plant’s safety and data entry programs. 

In 2016, Tara was nominated and awarded the Charlotte Water Director’s Award.  This award was given in recognition of Tara for her outstanding contributions to the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg community, her exemplary job performance, commitment to customer satisfaction and unselfish community service.

Tara holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Salem College in Physical Education and Health.  Tara is the most senior Chief Treatment Plant Operator in Charlotte Water and will be a great team member and leader at the Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility.

Hear from Doug and Tara in this short interview!