Breaking Boundaries at NC One Water’s Annual Conference

The Stowe Team brought our story of regional partnership to the state level with the conference presentation: “Breaking Boundaries, Transforming Communities: The Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility – Pioneering a Collaborative Approach to Regional Wastewater Management.” 

The presentation delved into the key elements that make the Stowe RWRRF a model for successful collaboration across jurisdictions, including the shared vision, governance structures, and technical strategies employed by various stakeholders to establish and operate the facility. We emphasized the value of coordinated efforts in collective decision-making and resource sharing to tackle wastewater management challenges at a regional scale. This management model pioneered by the partnership of Charlotte Water with the Cities of Mount Holly and Belmont has the potential to be replicated in other regions facing similar water management issues.

Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and resilience, we shared the innovative technologies and practices implemented within the Stowe RWRRF to promote resource recovery and minimize environmental impact, providing insights into advanced treatment processes like nutrient removal, energy generation, and water reuse initiatives.

The Stowe Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration across jurisdictions, emphasizing the significance of adopting a holistic, integrated, and sustainable approach to wastewater management. This innovative facility will provide our region with tangible contributions to water quality improvement, reduced environmental footprint, and enhanced community well-being.

The presentation was given collaboratively by Angela Charles (Director of Charlotte Water), Nicole Bartlett, PE (Stowe Project Manager and Charlotte Water Engineering Division Manager), Will Shull, PE (HDR Project Manager), and Sabrina Colón (HDR Strategic Communications Lead).

NC One Water is a state-wide organization of utilities, agencies and companies specializing in water and wastewater to promote education, training, and service in an effort to protect public health and the environment.